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Julia “Julz” Allender has been a successful women’s college coach for the past 10 years.  In her tenure as a head coach she has done a remarkable job creating a culture of success both on and off the court. In just a short time she has taken two collegiate programs and turned them into high powered programs where they are constantly being in the discussion as one of the top programs across the state of California. In just seven years she accumulated an overall win loss record of 131-72 (a winning percentage of 65%). With her most successful seasons coming in 2016 and 2012 finishing with the #4 and #5 rankings in the State. Marking that as one of the best seasons in both programs history.

More importantly has been Julz’s ability to develop high school athletes and develop them into successful collegiate basketball players and then transfer them with basketball scholarships to the next level in one or two years, the main job of every community college coach.

Julz has successfully produced 7 all state players, 5 conference mvps, 20 all conference players and the 2012 Northern California Player of the Year in Chereese Thomas. More impressive is the transfer rate to the next level on basketball scholarships. 90% of all players that make it through her program transfer to the next level on basketball scholarships. In 2012 all four sophomores received Full Basketball Scholarships to play at the Division I and Division II NCAA level giving Julz a 100% transfer rate and in 2013 and 2014 doing the same with 10 sophomores and 1 freshmen.  Julz specialized in player development early in her career as an assistant while finishing up her education and attaining her Master Degree in Human Development with a speciality in Sports Conditioning A.T. University in 2008.

Born in raised in San Jose, CA, Julz graduated from Santa Clara HS as an honor student. She was the starting shooting guard all four years and received numerous awards including being named to the California All State Team in 2000.  After high school Julz headed to San Jose City College where she received honors as the starting shooting guard for the Jags both years she was there.

She then transferred to Southern Utah University where she finished her collegiate career as the Thunderbirds starting shooting guard. Julz’s personal experience as a Community College athlete and NCAA Div. 1 transfer and a collegiate coach give her unique insights into the process of getting athletes to not only reach their full potential but to get them to reach potentials, physical, technical and mental skill levels not yet imagined.  She has and will continue to use her skills to assist dedicated young women to get them where they want to be. Those of who have been coached by Julz will tell you she has a way of getting you to get the best out of yourself.

“I believe it is the job of the coach to not only develop the level of the team as a whole but to take each individual athlete for who they are and assist them in reaching their full potential. A lot of players out of high school are underdeveloped and lacking a physical or mental attribute that may be preventing them from performing at their highest level. I have an insight with the players that play for me and I am able to get them to overcome whatever that may be so they can elevate their game.”